TLC Automotive Parts has stood the test of time, servicing the automotive trade in the Northern Sydney suburbs for more than 30 years.

Central to TLC’s enduring success, is a passion for satisfying customers.  That’s why TLC Automotive Parts has experienced solid growth and loyalty from its customers. As a way to super serve the trade and the retail market, we’ve decided to join the online revolution. Now you’ll be able to enjoy the same level of passion, expertise, knowledge and getting the right part for your next service or project.

TLC stock a comprehensive range of parts and accessories for your car, including; clutches, brakes and general service items such as filters, belts, spark plugs and water pumps, etc., for all makes and models etc. If you can think of it, TLC has it or can get it for you.

Please note that not everything we supply is currently on our website so if you need something you can’t find or you need to clarify some detail, or you simply want that personal touch, please free to Contact Us via phone or email.